eTOD Briefs

For Affordable Housing, Transit Quality Matters

Better Transit Expands Job Access and Opportunity for Residents

Housing, transit quality and job access matter. Even within a single neighborhood, transit frequency varies dramatically. When affordable housing is developed in a location isolated from transit, residents may lose out on access to hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Take Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood, for example. The Jefferson Park Transit Center has 15 transit routes operated by CTA, Metra, and Pace. If an eTOD was located across the street, households would be able to use these routes to access nearly 750,000 jobs in half an hour. That’s 30% of the total in Cook County. But a similar development at the intersection of Lawrence and Austin, just a mile away, would be located along just two bus lines and connections to fewer jobs.

CNT’s eTOD Social Impact Calculator demonstrates this striking difference in transit quality and job access:

4850 N. Milwaukee

  • 15 transit routes
  • 740,445 jobs
  • 366,846 jobs that require an Associate's Degree or less

4821 N. Austin

  • 2 bus routes
  • 175,871 jobs
  • 93,963 jobs that require an Associate's Degree or less

When affordable units are added near transit, it expands the economic opportunity available for residents.