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Transit-oriented development (TOD) is becoming increasingly popular in the city of Chicago. In fact, over the past 10 years, almost two-thirds of the city's building permits have been filed within half a mile of the city's rail stations. This page highlights some of Chicago’s most exciting new TOD projects, with a focus on those that add both housing units and commercial spaces in buildings with pedestrian access and active street fronts. Learn more about the projects below, or try your own in the calculator »

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Image Courtesy Bickerdike Development

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Emmett Street Apartment Project

(Logan Square CTA Blue Line)

Expected Completion: 2022, Bickerdike Development and Landon Bone Baker Architects

Situated just steps from the Logan Square Blue Line stop, the Emmett Street affordable housing development will provide high quality affordable rental housing for Logan Square’s working families currently facing skyrocketing rents and displacement. Developed by not-for-profit affordable housing developer Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation and designed by award-winning firm Landon Bone Baker Architects, this transit-oriented development is a tiered building that is seven stories at its highest point and two stories at its lowest point to fit in with neighboring residential structures.

The development will include:

  • 100 units of affordable housing
  • A mix of one, two, and three bedroom units:
    • 33 one-bedrooms
    • 49 two-bedrooms
    • 18 three-bedrooms
  • Approximately 4,500 square feet of commercial space facing Kedzie Avenue geared towards locally owned small businesses and local non-profit organizations
Projected Community Impacts
Residents 187
Residents Purchasing Power $3,915,366
On-site Jobs 13
Annual Local Retail Spending $5,688,741
10-Year Tax Revenue $6,407,043
Annual Transit Trips 71,313
Residential Parking Use 17%

Aimee L.

“Transit is great for business here. Having all the foot traffic to and from the train helps the business a lot. People walk in all the time on their way to the trains. It's nice that we have CTA nearby and that people have so many options to get around.”

—Aimee L., Retail Employee

Woodlawn Station

(63rd and Cottage Grove CTA Green Line)

Completion 2018, Preservation of Affordable Housing and Nia Architects

Located at the entrance to the CTA's Green Line station at 63rd St. and Cottage Grove Avenue, Woodlawn Station features 70 mixed-income units, 55 in a four-story building at 63rd and Cottage Grove and 15 on scattered sites a block to the south on Maryland Avenue. Many apartments are adapted for handicapped accessibility and some have views of downtown Chicago. The building includes a computer room, roof deck and a community room. The building also includes 15,000 square feet of first floor retail space, occupied by Daley's Restaurant, Red Clay Dance Company, and the UPS Store.

Projected Community Impacts*
Residents 92
Residents Purchasing Power $1,740,909
On-site Jobs 43
Annual Local Retail Spending $2,007,305
10-Year Tax Revenue $6,363,303
Annual Transit Trips 43,001
Residential Parking Use 24%

*Projections based on 55 units (28 - 1BR, 20 - 2BR, 7- 3BR, half market rate, half affordable), 15,000 sq. ft. of retail space, and 39 parking spaces (half residential, half non-residential).

Shango A.

“I ride the bus and it's always really easy to get right to a bus stop without walking a lot. In contrast to driving a car like everybody else, I don't mind taking the bus because it helps me get into my zone. I like to listen to music sometimes. Plus, the advantage of taking the bus is that you're hands-free, so you can check up on emails and do all the morning things versus taking a car and not being able to do any of that. Those are some things I've noticed about my transition to taking public transportation. It's better financially, and I can also be productive with my time.”

—Shango A., Resident